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Sep 10, 2009 2:00am EDT
or any corporation. the government claims it may do so based upon the austin decision that corporate speech is by its nature corrosive and distorting because it might not reflect actual public support for the views expressed by the corporation. the government admits that that radical concept of requiring public support for the speech before you can speak would even authorize it to criminalize books and signs. this court needs no reminding that the government, when it is acting to prohibit particularly when it is acting to criminalize speech that is at the very core of the first amendment has a heavy burden to prove that there is a compelling governmental interest that justifies that prohibition and that the regulation adopted in this case a criminal statute is the most narrowly tailored necessary to accomplish that compelling governmental interest. >> mr. olson, are you taking the position that there is no difference in the first amendment rights of an individual, a corporation after law is not endowed by its creator with inalienable rights. so is there any distinction that congress
Sep 12, 2009 11:00pm EDT
it may do so based on the austin decision that corporate speech is by its nature corrosive and distorted because it might not reflect actual public support for its views expressed by the corporation. the government admits that that radical concept of requiring public support for the speech before you can speak were even authorize it to criminalize books and signs. can speak would even authorize it to criminalize books and signs. this court needs no reminding that the government, when it is acting to prohibit particularly when it is acting to criminalize speech that is at the very core of the first amendment has a heavy burden to prove that there is a compelling governmental interest that justifies that prohibition and that the regulation adopted in this case a criminal statute is the most narrowly tailored necessary to accomplish that compelling governmental interest. >> mr. olson, are you taking the position that there is no difference in the first amendment rights of an individual, a corporation after law is not endowed by its creator with inalienable rights. so is there any distinctio
Sep 5, 2009 7:00pm EDT
are around the board. central to the real arguments is a 1990 case of austin versus michigan chamber of commerce, which you will be hearing a lot about today from our panel. that is the 6-3 case in which the supreme court, in the boys of thurgood marshall writing for the majority, said if they could restrict corporations from using their general treasury funds, spending them on individual candidates in connection with state elections. dissenting were o'connor, kennedy, and scalia, two of who have continued to play roles of campaign finance. i am sure we will sure but justice kennedy today, and teamwork critical votes -- the more critical vote coming up, john roberts. i think that the fate of government corporate regulation is evident and the number of briefs that have come in. three times as many have come in for these arguments that are much more important for constitutional free speech. after initial opening remarks, we're going to do some question and answer up here and take questions from you all. so please be ready with any kind of query's that you might have for our group. imme
Sep 12, 2009 8:00pm EDT
on shareholder protection. so to the extent you abandoned the original rationale in austin and articulated different rash as. you have two, the did prokuo prodetection interest and the shareholder protection interest. >> which we think was in austin. >> austin, i thought, was based on the aggregation of immense wealth by corporations. >> you know, again, austin is not the most clear opinion but the way we understand austin, what austin was suggesting was that the corporate form gave corporations significant assets other people's money, that when the corporation spent those assets -- >> can you give me the citation of the page in austin where we accepted the shareholder protection rationale? >> i think it comes when the court is distinguishing mcfl and the message of that distinction of mcfl is the shareholder protection interest. but -- >> do the words "shareholder protection" appear in the austin opinion? >> i honestly don't know, mr. chief justice and i don't want to push this too far. >> let's assume they don't, then i'll get back to my question which is, you're asking us to defend the
Sep 2, 2009 9:00am EDT
for this time,nd the court in austin and mcconnell and in upholding contribution limits in buckley and shrink certainly viewed the first amendment's prohibition on congress making any laws abridging the freedom of speech as well at least those restrictions are ok this time. the result of these three decisions has been an incredibly complex series of statutes and regulations. the federal election campaign act itself is 24 4 pages in the federal statutes and there are 568 pages of regulations that the fec has promulgated. of course, the courts have been very active in interpreting what all those laws and words mean, and there have been 13 major court decisions interpreting the fec. 366 other cases doing the same thing. and there are 17 cases currently pending. if you needed for information about what federal law was, you could consult the 1,278 pages in the federal register, providing the explanation and justification these regulations, or you could look at the 10 policy statements, or the 1,771 advisory opinions that the fec has issued since 194. now -- 1974. now i would submit that this body
FOX News
Sep 19, 2009 3:00pm EDT
. >> no upset special in austin? >> no. >> not going to happen again. it is a rematch. the red raiders looking to upset the second ranked longhorns and claim their first-ever win on the road against a top five opponent and then a whole blood match thing. we send you out now to austin. >> reporter: i'm lisa saltners austin, where the red raiders of texas tech will be without two of their defensive starters saturday fight. defensive end raison henley and safety franklin mitchell did not travel with the team. henley has a right ankle injury and mitchem's arm has been in a sling all week. the raiders will have their service of their number one receiver ke receiver detron lewis. lewis did makethe trip and fully participated in practice the last two days. >> lisa, thank you. taylor potts who stepped in for graham harrell and performed admirably, 430 passing yards per game and nine touchdown passes. on the flipside, colt mccoy we know what he can do. todd, do you expect to see anything different tonight against this texas tech defense. >> i report into see a different colt mccoy know that the colt mc
Sep 5, 2009 11:00pm EDT
not covered by austin in 1990. >> this case is about independence speech. actually, it is about a relatively small slice of speech. the express advocacy, the austin case, and what is called the functional equivalent of express said the keadvocates say, that a relatively interpreted as nothing by an exhortation to vote for or against them. this is not a contributions case. . anybody to actually give money for people to use as they wish. but this case does implicate what kind of first amendment we have. consider some of the government's propositions in the case. there has a lot that has been said about what extreme results thermite be if things -- if thermite be if things -- if anything is ither of the two cases is overruled. but cyclical key propositions year. one is -- let's take a look at you proposition's here. one is that it is available for video-on-demand, for people to call it home on their television. and the government says the issue in the case is whether or not it can be constitutionally made a crime to do that sort of thing. secondly, as alluded to earlier, there was an oral argum
FOX News
Sep 19, 2009 5:00pm EDT
in austin. a preview after the break. >>> welcome, everyone, alongside robert smith and todd mcshay. i'm wendi nix. penn state opened this season. what have we learned? now it's temple for joe pa's squad. the play action fake. >> that's not going to earn you a jell-o pudding pop. >> not by a longshot. in the end zone for the score. again for the third straight week. no real test for the nittany lions, number five, 31-6 final over temple. >> issues to work out. royster with the flu, still ruching for 134 in the score. >> it's a test. an easy take-home test. >> one you use cliff notes. >> and friends. i tell you who did get a test. surprisingly. best taking on minnesota. had a huge afternoon. 33 yards down the sideline. he'll make it to the end zone. >> such a great player. averaged more than eight yards a carry. i'm way up there, my friend. >> to eric decker, wow, on the receiving end, watch, again. this is a tough one to take. he would receive stitches but you know what, he returns to this game. it's a baseball player too. this guy's a heck of an athlete. >> game tied at 21, fourth qua
FOX News
Sep 20, 2009 3:00am EDT
in with a record of 2-0 as austin back deep for the mountaineers along with noel devine. auburn defeating mississippi state, west virginia getting home guns east carolina from a loss earlier last year. short kickoff to the 15 yard line. devine. even noel devine with a nice return out near the 40 injury. speaking of di swine performances, jarrett brown completing 75% of his passes last week was 24 of 31 with four touchdown passes and threw for 334 yards. in addition, to over 70 yards rushing. he is the new quarterback lock at the starters at the top of your screen. come out in an empty formation. brown under some heat. and he can run. with deceptive speed. tiptoe and picked up eight on the play. second down and two. >> bob: that is exactly what brown did last week against east carolina. didn't have many predetermined called quarterback runs. he is a great scrambler off a drop-back pass. >> mark: we see the tempo we'll see for most of the night from both teams immediately at the line of scrimmage to run the next play. noel devine is -- >> bob: pistol formation. look at the size difference b
Sep 13, 2009 11:15pm EDT
austin. he has a nice move there. 42 yards for the score. cowboys up 13-7. 4th quarter dallas up 20-14. romo with time. he looks downfield, fires away to a wide open creighton. romo throws a career best 352 yards. the cowboys beat the bucs 34- 21. >>> the eagles in charlotte taking on the panthers who did not lose a regular season home game last year. desean jackson takes the punt at his 15. gets past the first group of defenders and has an open field. he has one move on the punter and then he's free. the eagles go up 17-7. 3rd quarter, the eagles are soaring, 31-10. donovan mcnabb third and goal decides to go for it. he gets hit by richard marshall. he scores and then gets piled on. he would suffer a fractured rib. it is unknown how long he will sidelined. coach andy reid said there is a chance he would play next week. his injury will be examined tomorrow. >>> elsewhere, the ravens and chiefs. 4th quarter, chiefs down by a score. brodie croyle over the middle and he stretches in for the 10- yard touchdown. nearly loses possession. this me tied at 24. the ravens' next possession, ga
FOX News
Sep 20, 2009 4:00am EDT
.com/officer. >>> it is without question a grudge match in austin for the number two texas longhorns. first quarter, jordan shipley, how about a 46-yard punt return to get things going. texas, when he's done, will have a 7-3 advantage. >> able to do it in the game against oklahoma. unbelievable player, got a spark going. going. >> longhornsgreat. but put a ring of cheese in the crust and...jackpot! (anouncer) introducing pizza hut's new stuff crust pan pizza. your favorite pan piz with a jackpot of melted cheese in the crut. a large one toppinis just $10.99. i liked that idea he had about running a marathon. i'm saving for retirement. i got plans. i'm thinking of biking to work. the amount of money i save on gas, i've been able to take hotel shampoo bottles when i travel. haven't paid for that stuff in years... (announcer) at citi, we know everyone's talking about saving. we've got lots of ways to help, with smart ideas like auto save. because when you save a little today, it makes you feel good about tomorrow. that's why citi never sleeps. i'll start with the steak tar-tar. and you, sir? i'll have the sam
Sep 23, 2009 7:00pm EDT
in the arm was twice as effective as using a nasal spray. today in austin, texas, an overflow crowd lined up to get shots for the new flu season. here's don teague. >> reporter: at the travis county fairgrounds in austin, health officials turned a huge livestock barn into a drive through clinic for free seasonal flu shots. they expected a strong turnout, but county medical director dr. phillip huang says it was overwhelming. >> this is a record for us. >> reporter: the line of cars stretched more than a mile. >> i am very concerned. i'm very overprotective of my kids. >> reporter: officials began the day with 1,500 doses of vaccine but by mid-morning were already running out. they scrambled to find 1,200 additional doses and extra medics. health officials have done drive through shot clinics before but say they've never had turnout like this. the reason is clear with one trip to the nearest emergency room. at dell children's medical center, emergency room doctors say most of the 200 people they see each day suffering from flu symptoms do have h1n1. there are so many sick children here, they'
Sep 24, 2009 4:30am EDT
numbers to get no carri their shots. ring don teague has more from no carrier austin texas. >> reporter: at the travis county fair grounds in austin health officials ring turned to huge livestock no carrier ring barn into a no carri drive-through clinic for free > seasonal flu shot. they expected a strong no cturnout, but ring county medical no carrier director dr. phillip ring wong says it wasover well himming no car37. >> this is a record for us. >> reporter: the line of cars ring stretched more than a mile. no carrier officials began the day with 1500 doses no of vaccine, but by ring mid-morning, were already no c running out. health no carrier > officials ri here no c have done ring drive-slew shot no carrier dlinices before but with never had turnout like ring this. the reason is clear with no carri one trip to the to the nearest ring emergency room. no carrier at dell children's medical ri center, emergency room doctors say most no carrier 26900 people they see each day ring suffering from flu no carri symptoms do have
Sep 23, 2009 6:30pm EDT
. abc's ryan owens is in austin, texas, tonight, a city where extraordinary measures are being taken to deal with that. >> reporter: two triage tents -- the kind you'd usually see at a disaster or at war -- sit outside the doors of the emergency room at dell children's hospital in austin. >> this is the flu treatment tent. >> reporter: with school back in session, doctor ares here are seeing more than 300 suspected swine flu cases a day, double a normal flu season. the tents allow them to isolate contagious kids and get them back home quickly. >> the doctor can see you, the nurse can discharge and we can get it done in 15 minutes or so. >> reporter: this is hardly the only hospital forced to get creative this early in the flu season, especially across the south. 21 states are reporting widespread flu activity -- including the entire southeast, but experts warn its moving north. in memphis, they pitched a tent more than a week ago, and at one point were treating 400 children a day. vanderbilt university medical center in nashville has seen more than 5,000 patients with flu-like sympto
Sep 12, 2009 7:00pm EDT
the distortion rationale in austin. they seem to think that the supplemental briefs in this argument resorted to the appearance of corruption. there is not a sufficient record of this. >> wasn't there are finding between the courts that federal officials know of and want to feel indebted to corporations to finance advertisements urging the election of them or the defeat of their opponent? what is the fighting to that effect? -- what is the finding to that effect? >> something in the district court opinion, but it does not cover all corporations. it did not focus specifically -- >> if they did cover large e the case. >> in your discussion with austan, you rely on its distinction from another case. why isn't that significant? >> it is what the court said, that we are not deciding that question. if austan did address of expenditures. but it based it on a rationale -- >> one of them said it was an entirely different situation. you read that and it was cited six or eight times. >> i also read footnote 14 in the case that cited case after case after case that said corporations had rights under the
Sep 12, 2009 10:00am EDT
rainfall. we've got some video to show you. the video has been amazing. this is right in downtown austin or actually not far from austin, in the hill country in through austin. that's part of the i-35 bridge. this video compliments of kbue. it has been really bad in some places in the hill country and downtown and points south towards san antonio. the reason why is you've had anywhere from 2 to 4 inches of rain falling at a rapid rate, poor drainage, and the nature of the soil in parts of central texas, a lot of rock and limestone. when the rain falls it doesn't have the opportunity to absorb. it all stacks up. and of course you have the issues that unfortunately that's the way it goes in texas. we have a live image out of the state capital. here's a shot of that. you can see right in the center of the screen the capitol. but on the lens you see plenty of rain drops coming in. we can expect those not just through the day or evening or even tomorrow but possibly through monday. at the weather wall, we'll show you what is happening in the state of texas. dallas, austin, the heaviest rainfa
FOX News
Sep 20, 2009 2:00am EDT
, there is austin who had to sit out for medical reasons, the u.s. nationals, we asked force about coyle being back in the game. >> i got austin coyle, right back out here to show the world how tough he is. i love you, we had a big fight this morning, i have enough problems with espn, you on the starting line, you will get well, you and i are going to grow old together and sit and drink, you know, whatever -- powerade and milk in our old age and watch these kids and watch that little girl you love ashley. he bawled his eyes out when ashley won indy. he said don't yell at me, i'll run the way i want. he came back, you're right. he said, i'll be there to supervise. you make all of the calls, austin. show that. let me take them, all i need his for him to break my heart if he falls down in the start line in front of my car and somebody will sue me and say, look he killed him off. internal bleeding a week ago. and now you guys are tired of hearing it. how did your brain get from one point to another like that? whoa! did you see tasca take a twist there? john force gets down with a 4.09, that is the quic
Sep 13, 2009 7:00am EDT
buckets, especially in spots like the bell williamson county line north of austin, if you're not too familiar with that area. they've had well over a foot of rainfall. same story in mcgregor, texas. still heavy rain. youngsport and alvarado, around four to five inches. here is the reason why we're seeing all that precipitation. you have this area of low pressure, frontal boundary pulling moisture in from the gulf of mexico. it will be from dallas-ft. worth, as far south as austin and san antonio where you have the issue of flash flooding today, tonight and possibly tomorrow as well. fairly sunny across the eastern seaboard. showers possible new york into maine. nice and cool in the upper midwest. and hot in the desert southwest. high temperatures back to the triple digits for phoenix. 97 in las vegas, 88 salt lake city, 79 in chicago. 83 in washington, d.c. we wrap it up in tampa with 86 for your expected high. that is a look at your forecast. i'm reynolds wolf for hln. >>> nobel prize winner died this weekend. some experts say his life's work may have saved millions of lives. >>> di
Sep 24, 2009 3:05am EDT
reports on what's being done to deal with the increase at one hospital in austin, texas. >> two triage tents, the kinds you usually see the a disaster or war sit outside the emergency room at del hospital in austin. with school back in session, doctors are seeing more than 300 suspected swine flu case as day, double a normal flu season. the tents allow them to isolate contagious kids and get them back home quickly. >> the doctor can see you, the nurse can discharge you and we can get it all done in 15 minutes or so. >> reporter: this is hardly only hospital forced to get creative this early in the flu season, especially across the south. 21 states are reporting widespread flu activity, including the entire southeast. but experts warn it is moving north. in memphis they pitched a tent more than a week ago and at one point were treating 400 children a day. vanderbilt university medical center in nashville has seen more than 5,000 patients with flu-like symptoms so far this month. six are now in critical condition. vanderbilt's children emergency division has increased its staffing by 50
Sep 13, 2009 3:30pm EDT
in the final 35 seconds to beat jackson state. stephen f. austin nearly reaches the century mark, 92 points in the thumping of texas college. byu ub defeated with a win over tulane and maryland defeats james madison in overtime. here is more from the college football crew on a thrilling saturday. >> the season is off to a roaring start. it will be difficult to top some of the drama we got. freshman quarterbacks making their mark early in their career, more none so than the two marquee games of of the day. matt barkley and the drive he led, mark, for the winning touchdown against ohio state is one that can help a quarterback grow up quickly. >> it can. it wasn't just that drive, it was his drive in the two-minute situation, he drove his team in, the key driver is in the 14th play. i thought that was huge and that is is gangbusters for his confidence down the road. >> i thought ohio state played with great emotion and did themselves proud, other than the fact for the sixth straight time they lost to a top five-ranked team. >> i thought you made an interesting point in the lead-up to the ohio
Sep 24, 2009 12:00pm EDT
vaccination. this local health department in austin, texas, is offering a flu shot clinic in a drive through format. injections are free for medicare recipients no surprise here, the turnout was much bigger than organizers had expected. >>> flavored cigarettes with flavors like vanilla and mint are now banned by the food and drug and ministration. the fda says that the band is expected to reduce the number of children who start to smoke. most adult smokers pick up the habit as dangerous. the fda plans to research that finds that 17-year-old smokers are three times as likely to use flavored cigarettes as those over the age of 25. >>> up next, the maryland lottery numbers. and we will get another check of your insta-weather-plus forecast but first, a look at wall street. >> they say that everything is bigger in texas, including the world's longest basketball shot. a student from texas a&m university made the shot from the third deck of the field at college station. nothing but net. it is part of a group that raises money for children. >>> coming up on "dr. oz," find out what's 60 people did to
Sep 27, 2009 11:30pm EDT
pusieron en alerta a las autoridades de austin,texas.brigadas especiales de policÍas tomaron las medidas para garantizar la seguridad de los fanÁticos y de miles de personas que quedaron en los alrededores.las autoridades trabajaron sin descanso en los Últimos dÍas tratando de evitar un ataque non terrorista tjlnzamwkph@noi-fse en peor,el gobierno de facto dijo poder cancelar a los medios de prensa.una delegaciÓn de la oea podrÍa hacer una visita a ese paÍs,mÁs allá de que el gobierno dijo que no permitirÍa su ingreso. >> el gobierno de micheletti dijo que podrÍa tomar decisiones contra brasil por encontrarse zelaya es la embajada de ese paÍs. >> es contra el gobierno de honduras y contra los negocios aledaÑos a la embajada de brasil en tegucigalpa. >> son usurpadores. >> en venezuela, el presidente de brasil, lula,dijo que brasil no tolerarÁ un ultimátum de un gobierno ingresan por la fuerza,estarÁn rompiendo un acto embajada estÁ vigilada por fuerzas militares. >> hay controles severos para el ingreso de alimentos y otros artÍculos bÁsic
Sep 6, 2009 7:30am EDT
that will get its customers talking. we meet one company in austin that found it in the form of an eight-football of plastic. >>> easy ways to get the word out about your business on the cheap. it's a special marketing edition coming up next on "your business." >>> hi there everyone. i'm j.j. ramberg. welcome to "your business," where we give you tips and advice to help your business grow. today our focus is on marketing. when the three founders of the reusable bag company blue avocado launched their company, they knew they needed something flashy to catch people's attention, and they found it in the trash. >> a plastic ball, huh? >> meet schlumpy. this spring afternoon it made its way through the town of austin, texas. >> it's crazy. it's huge. >> definitely makes a statement. and i like that. >> i got it's the brain child of the three founders of the reusable bag company blue avocado. amy george, page davis and melissa nathan. >> the blue avocado system was to help people take the first step in going green. we've created a six-piece system. each bag has its own functionality. >> schlum
Sep 20, 2009 6:00pm EDT
in distance) (rustling in bushes) (loud rattling) (grunting) freeze! austin? hey, aunt edie. anyway... mom just got back from her cruise to jamaica with new boobs and a 24-year-old cabin boy. ooh. needless to say, me and mr. "can i get you some more hot towels?"-- we didn't exactly hit it off. so after i broke his nose, i, uh, figured it was a great time to come visit my favorite aunt. your mom always did have lousy taste in men. so, uh, i figured i'd crash here for the night. then hitch down to mexico-- hang out, party. yeah, i'm thinking, like, no way in hell. you're gonna stay here with me until things blow over with your mom, okay? cool. thanks. oh, wait, you're 18, right? well, that's what my i.d. says. yeah, mine, too. hey, you are supposed to be on bed rest! i'm bored. well, why don't you try putting on a pair of pants? that should kill a couple of hours. (doorbell rings) hey, babe. hey, what is she doing out of bed? that can't be good for her. or the stairs. what do you want? the mediator was right. a month from now we're not just gonna be carlos and gaby. we're gonna be mom and da
Sep 4, 2009 11:00pm EDT
and vein center. buy one get one free. the ad is doing the job. getting a lot of attention. >> and austin texas has a new city sculpture. it is a huge shovel or scoop. known as the scoop the poop sculpture. it sits next to a huge mound of dirt representing poop. the city hopes the sculpture will make pet owners more incline to clean up after the pets. austin spent $5000 on the sculpture, and $70,000 on television ads. the sculpture will remain up through thanksgiving. >> patrice harris, fox 45 news "late edition". . >> the ravens are undefeated this preseason after the win in atlanta last night. here is an interesting tidbit. the last time the ravens went undefeated in the preseason they went on to win the superbowl that season. it was a good night for the ravens defense though. holding the falcons to three points. terrell suggs back in the line up. sacking quarterback matt ryan and suggs was one of the only starters on the field. this being the last preseason game, also the last chance for the reserves to impress the coaches before cutting the squad to 53 man roster saturday. quarterback
Sep 21, 2009 11:00pm EDT
wide receiver in pierre garcon. he takes it to the end zone. >> ron: excellent block from austin collie. >> ron: did they score too fast? that might be the question. >> mike: vinatieri, the extra point. 37-23. they went 80 yards 32 seconds. to take the lead. >> ron: what you're going to see is the pressure up the middle. they come clean. peyton manning reads it. he understands it. he gets the ball quickly out of pierre garcon in space. watch austin collie with a nice kick-off block. the center -- excuse me right guard out in play. when you get explosive plays in the past, you have to have athletic offensive lineman. colts have a very athletic offensive line that got out in space and made the blocks down the field. >> jon: that's 12 years of work, payton manning has put into this no-huddle offense. he saw the full blitz coming. he read it. he signaled it. he got the coverage he wanted. pierre garcon showed his athletic ability but needs to get peyton manning a bigña; as. >> mike: you lou about that for the first nfl touchdown. >> jon: i remember a couple years ago we full blitzed peyto
Sep 4, 2009 5:00pm EDT
] >>> well the very musical in austin and the city of austin is launching a new campaign to urge dog owners the clean-up after their pet. that was the mayor singing that catchy jingle. scoop the poop campaign, dogs generate 60,000 pounds of waste each day. they spent thousand dollars for the sculpture and 70,000 on a tv spot. >>> the latest on the water main break on bel air road in baltimore county and another check on the traffic heading over the bay bridge. you can look live there at sandy point. not too bad. that and more coming up on abc 2 news at 5:30. a the new mcdonald's bacon and cheese angus third pounder. before taking it on, one must study it first. rushing in unprepared may prove overwhelming... with all that juicy, 100% angus beef. there! you found a point of entry! the bacon beckons like a springboard to paradise. one small bite for man... etcetera, etcetera. angus axiom number 11: bring on the bacon. the astonishing new angus third pounders. all angus. all mcdonald's. ♪ ba da ba ba ba >> now, abc 2 news at 5:30. >>> and wen gin tonight with a looming budget cut at city hal
Sep 5, 2009 6:00am EDT
movie. i am arch campbell, abc7 entertainment. >>> a new sculpture in austin, texas, is turning heads. it is known as the "scoop the poop." the city hopes the sculpture will make pet owners more inclined to clean up after their pets. they spent $5,000 on the sculpture and $70,000 on television advertisements. the sculpture remains up through thanksgiving. >> that is a lot of money when i guess you could just put out some of those bags, which are so handy, by the way, yes. >> they do things differently in austin. >>> this weekend, it is warmer but not too hot. not too hot, and not to of unit. here is our forecast. a lot of sunshine. just a few patchy clouds. sunday and monday, maybe a brief sprinkle in the mountains on monday, but for the most part, dry. we have a chance next week of some isolated showers, but it is generally a dry forecast, with temperatures where they should be. >> thanks, adam. that does it for "good morning washington," saturday. but some lanes are blocked. delays are half a mile long. lo.
Sep 12, 2009 8:00am EDT
. in this area, austin, texas, this video compliments of kxan in austin, rain two to four could cause issues in the hill country. a lot of limestone in the soil. with that, a lot of runoff. we have runoff, issues. marble falls, places like elkin, you could be dealing with flash flooding for part of the day. certainly a concern for you. at least 30 to 40% possibility for the southern half of the state, central and northern half of the state. try 80 or 90 on for size. one thing to share, this weekend a little bit of an escape. if you happen to go just to the west of seattle, you're going to find bainbridge island. that is the site for this weekend's getaway. >> just a quick ferry ride from seattle, bainbridge, washington has a smalltown feel. >> when you get off the ferry, closest to the dock are lined with great stores, cafes, bis o bistros and shops. >> in addition to outdoor dining it offers fun. on the north side of the island is 150 acres of developed landscape and natural woods. >> it's an estate that used to be owned by a lumber baron who turned into a passionate horticulture tourist.
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Sep 19, 2009 12:00pm EDT
committee and joins us live from austin. congressman is there any chaps at all the way you see it that there will be a bipartisan bill or what is the state of a play, as you see it? >> there hasn't been any bipartisan play at all to be honest with you, whether it be the new senate bill or of course, 3200, the republicans basically have been out of the-- out of the loop. that's one of the sad things about this, there's no bipartisanship. >> are there parts of health care reform that the republicans could sign on to? >> yeah, if we started talking about things that would really reduce costs, you'll start off with, we've got to start to talk about tort reform, some major factors and the other issues that we've been talking about now for a couple of years, portability, being able to buy across state lines, so that you can shop your own health care, and you can find the policies that fits you, rather than what fits the politicians think you ought to have, so, that's-- all of that needs to be in the plan. it's not being talked about. >> and when you talked to the voters in your parti
Sep 5, 2009 8:00pm EDT
austin entirely. >> to say that they might look at the question of whether or not an organization that is clearly organized for ecological or political purposes that is not engaged in commercial like to be, and that is receiving only the minimus amounts of funds, ought not to have the same right to participate. it might loosen up some of the rigorous restrictions that the court imposed in the ncfl case. that is only one possibility. >> the federal election commission has maintained since 1986 that you can have no corporate contributions in order to qualify for the not-for- profit exemption from being prohibited from doing independent expenditures. they have even done a regulation that says that, but now we have the solicitor's supplemental reply saying that citizens united has argued that the vast majority of their spending for the movie is not corporate, so maybe we could open that up a little bit and allow groups that just have a little bit of corporate funding to run things like "hillary, the movie." if the court does not spend the -- expand the exemption, they will have to add
Sep 13, 2009 2:00pm EDT
at the pictures below there. this is from the austin area, salado. i hope i'm pronouncing that correctly. incredible amounts of rain, as much as 15 inches in a short period of time. a lot of the smaller creeks have gone out of their banks, numerous roads have been closed off. today it's starting to quiet down a little bit in the austin area, most of the rain is starting to further up to the north. but we have more flood issues, and this time we're focusi in o the dallas/ft. worth area. doppler radar is estimating about five inches of rain on the southern and western side of town. there have been at least three high water rescues reported. just this morning alone. so, big warning, guys. don't drive through this. we tell you every time, you do anyway. you're going to get in trouble. lots of road closures including i-45 at simpson stuart because there is water over the road. we do have flash flood warnings which are in effect for dallas, for ellis and navaro counties, one to two inches of additional rain can be expected and you can see the flood watches from just south of oklahoma city stre
Sep 13, 2009 5:00pm EDT
in texas. the heavy rainfall continues to drop in dallas, southward to waco and austin. some of the spots getting the heaviest rainfall is bell/williamson line. a foot of rainfall. over seven inches of rainfall in mcgregor. and it looks like it could continue today. we have area of low pressure, that frontal boundary, plenty of moisture of the gulf of mexico and combined with the daytime heating with a chance of shower, thunderstorms and it could continue into monday, maybe even tuesday, also. fairly dry conditions for the eastern seaboard and cool in the mid section and looks good for california. bay area northward could see scattered showers. hot in the desert southwest with high temperatures warming up to 100 in phoenix. 97 in las vegas. 72 in denver. 75 in billings. 61 in san francisco. back east, washington with 83 the expected high. atlanta, same story. new york with 80 and boston with 76. that is a wrap on the forecast. i'm reynolds wolf for hln. >>> get ready for more crowded planes and fewer flights. the airline industry is shrinking in size. in fact, carriers are offering their
Sep 14, 2009 9:00am EDT
. that would include places like austin and san antonio. this is just outside of austin, the salado river. and in north texas, they're dealing with flash flooding and swift water rescues. this is just yesterday, just 24 hours. talking about almost half a foot in the dallas/ft. worth metropolitan area. arlington seeing 5.13. lufkin, tyler, also seeing similar amounts and even new orleans getting into it. a pretty big system with an area of low pressure right about here. this was south of houston at one point, almost turning tropical. the national hurricane center was worried about it, but now it's sitting and spinning and pinwheeling all this moisture up and around it. you can see, dallas is certainly still within the heavier rain bands here, especially eastern parts of ft. worth, a little bit drier now, but this will continue to kind of swirl back around over the next, well, 12 to 24 hours. so here it is, across parts of texas into louisiana, the mid-south as well. new orleans, or i should say, the new york city area, and the east coast finally seeing some drier weather. and temperatures
Sep 12, 2009 6:30pm EDT
: austin, texas, david onçç the republican line. caller: good morning. first of all, i think this is a very discriminatory tax because i don't think there is being anything taken into account into lifestyle changes, people being very sed depentary, sitting in t of computers, not getting out. and if you look at everything that is going on around as an earlier caller said, there is sugar in everything. so, i think we need to get people out exercising and quit the mandatory -- put the mandatory p.e. back in schools. guest: thank you very much for your comment. i think we certainly agree that all calories count. i know the new england journal of medicine had an article saying finance bid the n.i.h. that basically says çthat. if you want to manage your weight and achieve weight loss you have to look at all camp resist and getting -- calories an get enough exercise. it is simple to say but hard to do on a daily basis. talking with those on the hill, it is a discriminatory tax. and if you want to look at some broad based mechanism to attack calorie intake then i guess you haveç
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Sep 19, 2009 2:00pm EDT
and ten. boy, pinkney rolled right into marvin austin's pressure but got it to
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Sep 19, 2009 11:30pm EDT
in austin. this will be the final score, the only touchdown, colt mccoy threw that to dan buckner, final, 34-24, florida over tennessee. usc falls to washington. byu upset by their opponent. >> mark: second and eight. >> bob: using all of that clock because it's down to five seconds. >> mark: changed gears on this offense.
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Sep 1, 2009 11:00am EDT
on your side. jon: taking a look at interstate 495 near austin. 30 minutes ago, a small plane came down on i-45 -- near boston. they are shut down, crawling by on the shoulder of the road. the fire department got there and spread of fire retardant foam. there might have been a fuel leak. you can see the and nose gear has collapsed, and there are reports that it hit some kind of bridge or a bridge abutment as it was coming down. if you are a pilot, you do not have an engine, you do not have a lot of choices in terms of what you can put down. very often, they always tell you in flight school, look around as you are flying and think, if your engine quit, where which to put this thing down? this pilot adopted for the interstate, and apparently, everything turned out ok. there were no injuries, but he had kind of an abutment or something that caused the nose gear to collapse. if you do not have an engine, you cannot pick your landing spot. we will keep you updated. heather: top story, ragin wildfires north of los angeles. people are not the only ones in danger. at least on animal sanctuary i
Sep 4, 2009 1:00am EDT
is an important issue for them. >> reporter: amaa austin directs alth care policy work for the national federatn of independent siness. her group will snd the next few weeks trying to nvince congress it's a bad idea t require employerto buy health inrance coverage. business ownerworry they will be forced to buy policiethey can't afford >> their goal how can you ve me a product i can afford that is sustnable each year. and righnow we don't have that. that's a big goal for us. >> reporr: karen ignagni is c.e.o. of america's health insurance plans. she says t industry wants to e the health care debate refocus on expanding covage and reducingosts. she also says the insuranc indust won't be made a scapoat for the health care system's failings. >> there has been rtainly a great de of that since the end of july. but i think there is atrong realization coming out of gust that voters are very impient th old-style politics. ey are looking to see what t proposals are toet people covere so vification isn't going to get one person covered >> reporter: to insuranc companies, that means drping what ty conside
Sep 20, 2009 6:30pm EDT
! hey, julie! have you met my nephew austin? yeah, we've met. i just didn't recognize him with his shirt on. she couldn't take her eyes off my abs. i felt violated. hi, edie. nice party, huh? it was. perfect. well, it's nice to see you two getting along again. we've sort of turned a corner. really? does that mean you're gonna be gettingack together? maybe. god, no! wow, is that shrimp? what would make you think i would even consider taking you back? well, you invited me to be your date. "guest," carlos. i said "guest." come on, you've been flirting with me since i came in-- "here, baby, let me fix your tie." i mean, for a woman who's not interested, you sure are sending some mixed signals. you want a clear signal? how's this? (band playing jazz music) ian! susan! what are you doing here? well, my--my cousin is--is dr. hodges' dental hygienist, and her husband-- he--he couldn't join us since he'd come down with a spot of impetigo, so she called me, knowing how much i love a good garter toss, and so-- ian. yes, i-i'm such a terrible liar. i mean, impetigo-- where did that come from? hmm. s
Sep 28, 2009 12:00pm EDT
or low 80's in austin city. 74 degrees is the benchmark for september 28. 91 is the record high set in 1886. 40 was set in 1989. we could be in the upper 40's tonight, especially in outlying northern and western suburbs. likely in the low 50's downtown. you can barely see the position of the front that will sweep through. all this hours ahead of it are starting to our north. minimal sense that we will see precipitation of this thing as it comes through this afternoon. we will see breezy conditions and much cooler conditions tomorrow. partly cloudy tomorrow. upper 60's in outlying suburbs. 72 degrees downtown. westerly winds at 15-20. wednesday, ohio 67 degrees. 66 on thursday with sunshine. 70 degrees on friday. saturday and sunday looks normal in the low 70's with a chance of showers late in the day saturday. a better chance of showers and storms on sunday night in the day. >> there's a new exercise class in new york. it is called doga. it's for humans and dogs at the same time. >> on the path to realization, this yoga studio owner has a special guide. >> one day i brought charly t
Sep 29, 2009 11:00pm EDT
easier. >> the austin -- the also say tort reform could help. >> there is no question that the expense of madison is a reality of the day for many. >> -- expense of madisoedicine a reality of the day for many. >> hopkins takes no pro or con position. it advocates the idea for requiring insurance for all. wbal tv 11 news. >> the clouds that we had around the area earlier today have cleared away. a few sprinkles are reaching back into michigan. we may pick up some of these cloudiness again tomorrow. let's take a look at what it did happen today. the morning lows this morning were around 57 degrees. no rain today. it is 63 in ocean city. frederick, 55. more cloud out there. you can see the clouds in western maryland, clear skies around us. these clouds are the result of this storm system spinning around near canada. it has held the temperatures down a little bit. showers and sprinkles out to the west. tomorrow we may see more clouds develop in the morning hours and maybe a shower. that is what our forecast is all about. chilly 47-52. before daybreak, we could pick up a few clouds. our com
Sep 25, 2009 5:30pm EDT
threat to america. >> reporter: triage tents have been set up outside hospitals in austin and memphis. at one point they were treating 400 children a day. >> they decide the vital signs and found out he had a fever of 104. >> reporter: there are long lines, too, for the seasonal flu shot. dr. freeden would lek to see the data. the swine flu vaccine will be administered at 90,000 sites. even those who have had the flu in recent weeks should be vaccinated. >> all right. so that's the h1n1 virus. but are you aware of the h3n8 virus? you got it. the dog virus has been popping up and at many ken -- kennels. people can't catch this type of flu but the cdc says it is very contagious among dogs. >> got so bad in the area, you know, to keep the dogs safe, not let any new dogs in. >> here are some of the symptoms. a cough, runny nose and a fever. those symptoms could all turn severe in some case. experts say you should check with your vet to see if it's available or necessary and be sure to check your kennel's policy before you board your animal. >>> it started off icy but turned out to be a go
Sep 23, 2009 7:00am EDT
like there isn't a day that goes by that we don't talk about h1n1. they're talking about it in austin, texas, where the emergency room of the big hospital there is being slammed. we're going to talk to the director of emergency services there of what kind of influx of patients they've got going on there. >>> it seems maybe relief may be on the horizon in the southeast. the downpours for now that killed at least nine people have stopped, but the devastation is so bad that the governor of georgia is asking the federal government to declare a state of emergency. our own dave price is there with the latest. >> reporter: we're just outside of atlanta. you can see behind me the water beginning to recede, but it's still about 4 feet to 4 1/2 feet deep in some locations, and the current is running like it did in the rivers that it overgrew. georgians this morning beginning to wake up and measure their losses. torrential rain over the last three days, close to a foot of rain in hartfield international airport. and damage estimates this morning at $250 million, getting from one point to another
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